Fuel Gripper M/T

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  • SKU RFNT331250R17
The Fuel Gripper M/T is the quintessential tire for those seeking aggressive looks and unmatched off-road traction. This tire is expertly engineered to complement the Fuel wheel collection, making it the tire of choice for a seamless aesthetic and performance synergy.

Performance Specs:
- Dry Grip: 3.75/5
- Wet Grip: 4/5
- Snow Grip: 3.5/5
- Comfort: 3/5
- Tread Wear: 4/5
- Noise: 3.5/5
- Off-Road Capabilities: 4.75/5

With its formidable off-road capabilities scoring a remarkable 4.75 out of 5, the Fuel Gripper M/T stands out as a robust contender in challenging terrains, while also ensuring consistent performance in wet and dry conditions. The balanced approach to tread wear and noise reduction makes this tire a practical option for drivers who demand durability without compromising on the quietness of the ride.