Fuel Gripper X/T

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  • SKU RFXT331250R20
The Fuel Gripper X/T stands at the pinnacle of Fuel Off-Road's tire lineup, delivering unparalleled performance for the most demanding off-road enthusiasts. This extreme tire boasts a cutting-edge design, featuring aggressive lugs for exceptional traction in the most rugged conditions, complemented by a robust sidewall that aggressively bites into the terrain.

Performance Specs:
- Dry Grip: 4.2/5
- Wet Grip: 4.3/5
- Snow Grip: 4.8/5
- Comfort: 4.3/5
- Tread Wear: 3.8/5
- Noise: 3.7/5
- Off-Road Capabilities: 4.9/5

A tire that thrives in the wild, the Gripper X/T promises a surprisingly quiet ride on paved roads, ensuring that your journey is just as pleasant on the highway as it is on the trail.